AZ Delta Roeselare

Another success in the hospital sector

Cegelec is involved in scoping the HVAC and the sanitation for the new AZ Delta hospital situated in Roeselare.

The project encompasses the construction of a new hospital campus for the AZ Delta hospital. The new buildings occupy a total area of 120,000m² and lodge 703 hospital beds and 100 day hospital beds.

The new campus is made up of 3 different buildings, each of which has a specific use:

  • The main building houses all of the medical functions, including the nursing units and day hospital, the consulting rooms, also intensive care, operating theater, dialysis center and all medical technical services.
  • The logistics building, in turn, houses the central kitchen, pharmacy, warehouse, sterilisation department, the laboratories and the learning & innovation center Radar.
  • The third building is the power plant. This building contains, among other things, the boiler room, the refrigeration unit, the emergency power units and the compressors.

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