Smart solar energy for residents of social housing in Belgium

IZEN, the brand of VINCI Energies in Belgium that focuses on 100% smart energy, builds complete solar installations for 102 families in just 10 days for 'De Sociale Huisvestingsmaatschappij Denderstreek' in Lede and Haaltert. Energy costs take a huge bite out of every family's budget. Solar panels on social housing are very much needed.

Providing renewable energy to social housing is not straightforward. The past few years have shown that more than once. There are quite a few hurdles to overcome, but in these times of uncertainty about energy prices, the two parties involved are together pulling full steam ahead with renewable energy in the interests of residents.

Profit for all
The social housing company is convinced that this provides nothing but benefits for the tenants. “A lower energy cost for the tenant means a little more breathing space for other living needs and in this way we can also reduce the risk of (more) poverty,” says Eddy De Vlieger, general manager of SHM Denderstreek.

The only cost that the tenant has following the installation of PV panels is a rent charge that one is obliged to pay (this is imposed by the government). But this rent charge is calculated in such a way that the tenant always benefits from the PV panels, even if they benefit from social rates. So the energy bill will reduce significantly anyway.” – Tom Van Den Berghe – project manager SHM Denderstreek

Fast realisation
There are several strong elements in the approach”, says Pieter Callebaut, strategic business developer of IZEN. “The Social Housing Company can count on a completely worry-free approach. Moreover, we go for a quick realisation. We provide 102 houses with a complete solar installation in 10 days”.

IZEN stands for a very professional approach. Everything is discussed and well prepared in advance so that the implementation runs extremely smoothly. There is a very good communication to the building owner and the tenants.” Tom Van Den Berghe – Project Manager SHM Denderstreek

Educational package and party for residents
What’s going on up there on your roof? How do you make sure you’re using your power optimally? What does this mean for me? Will this cost me more in rent? How do you use energy more economically? IZEN creates an educational package for residents. “Little text, lots of pictograms and in different languages. Those are the parameters. The recipient really has to get something out of it,” says Pieter Callebaut. The residents are also invited to a festive and educational moment.

Perscontact SHM Denderstreek:
Mieke Dobbenie
+32 471 17 99 08

Perscontact IZEN
Pieter Callebaut
+32 470 89 08 99