Our values

VINCI Energies carries in its genes the human values of solidarity, trust, entrepreneurship, responsibility and empowerment.

The respect of these values ensures the continued existence of VINCI Energies beyond purely economic considerations. Resolutely embodied by the men and women of the business units of VINCI Energies, they nurture the service culture and management model. They are also the inspiration behind the VINCI Energies’ corporate social and environmental responsibility policy.

To join VINCI Energies is to contribute to its achievementswhich improve everyday life by preparing for the future. To work with us is to share our values.

Entrepreneurial spirit 

We recognise the ability of each individual to take initiatives, evaluate risks, envision success and attain it. This spirit enables us to innovate in our projects.

“Each project is different and you often have to find creative solutions, without losing the focus on safety. You get a planning and are supposed to respect the deadlines. Therefor you always try to find the most efficient way of working.” 


Dimitri Monteur de lignes haute tension chez Omexom


We allow talent to express itself by giving each individual employee and business unit the freedom to take initiatives. The business units define their own development strategies and are empowered to implement them in compliance with the VINCI Energies culture. This empowerment bolsters their ability to act quickly and creatively and in direct contact with the customers. This is the strong point of VINCI Energies.

“Together with my team I am responsible for 200 maintenance sites for 80 different clients. I can work completely autonomous and I manage my team and my portfolio as if it is my own company.” 

Gregory Contract Manager chez VINCI Facilities


Our success depends on the accountability of our employees at every level of the organisation, irrespective of their position. All employees are accountable to their colleagues for their projects, their customers, and their business unit.

“My job is extremely varied and requires a great responsibility. That is what makes it interesting and challenging.” 

Vito Project Manager chez Cegelec


More than just a principle, solidarity is a reality which is expressed by the network: knowledge, activities, and resources are shared within VINCI Energies to enhance efficiency and the capacity to act quickly.

Solidarity is also expressed by the implication of the employees in civil society. They can contribute through the Fonds VINCI alongside stakeholder organisations involved in insertion through economic activity.

“When I started working here, I immediately entered a team of colleagues on whose experience I can always fall back. I also get the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and to participate in various training programs, which gives me a clear view on my career opportunities.” 

Wouter E&I Technician chez Actemium


“Thanks to the diversity of questions I daily receive by mail or by phone, every day is a new technical challenge. Sometimes I don’t know the answer immediately myself, but then I can rely on the knowledge of my colleagues.”

« Chaque jour, je suis confronté à de nouveaux défis techniques, car les demandes que je reçois par téléphone ou par e-mail sont très diversifiées. Et si je ne suis pas en mesure de fournir une réponse immédiate, je peux faire appel à différents spécialistes grâce à l’excellente collégialité qui règne chez nous. »

Tony Service Engineer chez Actemium

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