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A carreer at VINCI Energies?

Our energy? That is 2,800 talents spread over 13 brands and 59 business units. Technical experts who want to make everyday life better, full of energy. They continue to grow and tackle the most challenging projects. The beating heart of VINCI Energies. Someone like you?

Design Engineer at Cegelec

A creative profession such as Design Engineer requires imagination, creativity and flexibility. Thanks to my job, I frequently come into contact with people who are looking for creative and innovative ideas. I gather all the necessary data and follow up everything from design to implementation. But there is also a conventional side to my profession. For example, I also make plans, estimates or calculations where it is important to work very precisely.
Perseverance, patience and a high degree of dedication are all helpful qualities in this line of work.

Millie, Fleet Manager at Cegelec

Project Engineer at VINCI Facilities

As preparation, I was sent with our technicians for 2 weeks to gain some” field “experience. Under the guidance of my colleague, I became responsible for the execution of various projects. I take care of the planning of the technicians and subcontractors, the on-site measurements, ordering of materials, site follow-up, etc … Since I follow up the project from A to Z, there is great satisfaction once the project is completely finished.

Wouter, Project Manager at Omexom

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