VINCI Energies’ fields of expertise

As a major player in a constantly changing world, VINCI Energies works at the crossroads of society's most important issues of today and tomorrow. Such as the growing demand for energy and transport, optimisation of industrial processes, improvement of energy performance, and changes in demand in the telecommunications sector, among others. In all of these areas, VINCI Energies knows how to combine its different fields of expertise to provide solutions that meet market demands.

Our fields of expertise

VINCI Energies deploys its fields of expertise in four business lines: infrastructure, industry, service sector and ICT.

VINCI Energies delivers a customised solution for each individual project, from the smallest to the most complex, in order to meet our customers’ challenges in terms of performance, reliability and safety in our four main areas of expertise: electricity, HVAC, mechanical engineering and information and communications technologies (ICT).

With their agile organizational structure, VINCI Energies business units work in the following four families of business activities throughout the life of the projects:

  • Project design / engineering
  • Implementation / integration
  • Maintenance
  • Operation / facility management

Local presence with global support

VINCI Energies’ 1,900 business units maintain their identity and autonomy, providing the required responsiveness and benefiting from historically strong roots in their local markets. This has allowed our business units to develop in-depth knowledge of each of our customers’ processes. This expertise makes it possible to provide the solutions best suited locally to meet specific customer demands.

This local service spirit is combined with a strong service culture and networking capacity. These advantages strengthen the ability of the VINCI Energies’ teams to take the initiative. Networking, synergies and collaborative work allows the business units to pool their expertise to provide high-tech, comprehensive solutions combined with a number of added-value services.

VINCI Energies has clearly demonstrated its willingness to partner up in the long term with all of its customers who trust the solutions VINCI Energies offers. This partnership spirit is based on two pillars: presence on the local market thanks to a vast network and support for our customers in their projects around the world.