Helping each individual to feel part of the Community.

The Fonds VINCI, founded in 2012 in Belgium, supports projects of common interest. With the Fonds VINCI, we fight against any form of exclusion, to give each individual their own place, role and dignity.

The Fonds VINCI wants to support organizations, with human and financial resources, pursuing a social and welfare purpose. The Foundation not only grants financial support, but gives its employees the opportunity to volunteer (in the form of a mentor-ship) for the supported organizations. This way, the employees of VINCI in Belgium are able to deploy themselves for the supported organizations, by making available their professional skills to strengthen the projects and actions. Organizations interested in such a partnership are invited to submit their application form.

Since its establishment in 2012, already 152 organisations received our financial and professional human support. No less than 149 of our social committed employees offered their professional skills.

The Fonds VINCI in Belgium operates within two fields: access to employment and building better communities. It supports initiatives of organizations pursuing one of the following six sub-goals:

Access to employment

  • Initiatives that promote the employment of people in a situation of exclusion.
  • Initiatives that contribute to the training and to more qualifications for these people.
  • Initiatives that facilitate the mobility of these people.

Building better communities

  • Initiatives that sensitizes youngsters to citizenship.
  • Initiatives for the social reintegration of the most isolated people.
  • Initiatives that help the most disadvantaged people gain access to housing.

Non-profit organizations interested in a partnership with the ‘Fonds VINCI’ are invited to submit their application form. For more information about the call of projects or projects we already supported in the past, see the website of the Fonds VINCI.

Being close, to be effective

The initiative to support organizations often comes from our employees. Their personal, close link with an association enlarges their engagement. Some examples of projects already realized in Belgium:

Au Four et au Moulin – Mons

‘Au Four et au Moulin’ is the only training company in the province of Hainaut that offers a training ‘bakery-confectionery’ to people who don’t receive unemployment benefits. The material became obsolete and needed to be replaced by better operating systems so that the forty trainees could get more chances to find employment in the sector. Especially the cold rooms consumed a lot of energy and did no longer meet the requirements of the FASFC (Federal Agency for Safety of the Food Chain).

With the support of the Fonds VINCI they were able to adapt the cold rooms. The Fonds VINCI gave a financial support for the infrastructure works, and our colleague Giuseppe, Senior Design Engineer at Cegelec, was mentor of the association. Thanks to his professional experience he has a lot of knowledge of cold rooms. He has given technical advice and assisted in the preparation of the tender specifications.

Heikom – St.-Kruis-Winkel

The non-profit association Heikom is a residential facility for people with intellectual disabilities and mental health problems, and for people with acquired brain injury. Some people do want to work, but – because of their problems – they are not able to work externally.

Heikom started in 2016 with a vegetable garden and adjoining mini animal farm. The objectives of this project are to create jobs on the site, provide a meeting place for its own residents and the neighbourhood, offer training sessions and create sustainability.

The Fonds VINCI has supported this non-profit organisation in their infrastructure works. The mentorship was provided by our colleague Kristof, IT System Engineer at Actemium, whose parents are farmers. Kristof used his knowledge for the selection of the animals for the mini animal farm and helps them with the cultivation of the vegetables.