Enhance your skills

Training, mobility, promotion: VINCI Energies facilitates exchanges for the benefit of your career project.


Training, mobility, promotion: VINCI Energies facilitates exchanges for the benefit of your career project.

Special attention is given to career projects and the development of your skills. You will have regular opportunities to discuss your objectives and career path with your manager in a personal interview.

During the interview, the past year is reviewed and objectives are set for the coming year. Your manager discusses with you your possible career development, training needs and possible mobility requests. This coordinated approach makes it possible to match the needs of the group with your aspirations.


Training is provided for you at every stage of your working life so that your knowledge is always up-to-date. We offer everyone the same opportunities through training and career opportunities. Our joint ambition to succeed is our strength. It allows the business units to strengthen their position and prepare their teams to address current and future challenges.

The VINCI Energies Academy

Your training is considered an essential investment at all stages of your professional life. Thanks to our training policy and integration programs, you can continuously strengthen your expertise, adapt to changes in the world and respond to the challenges of tomorrow.

The VINCI Energies Belgium Academy, founded in 2015, is part of an international network of academies (Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, Morocco) in close collaboration with the parent academy located in France ( Montesson). Today in full expansion, it offers training courses adapted to your needs:
– Trainings planned by the group to implement the VINCI Energies Way of Life
– Specific training to respond to the needs of VINCI Energies in Belgium, such as Strategy & Innovation for Growth.

You also have the opportunity to discover new ways of learning, thanks to new technologies. In addition to traditional classroom training sessions, the VINCI Energies Belgium Academy is developing the digitalisation of certain courses with the Click & Learn program to offer you training in the micro learning mode. Fast and in only a few clicks, you will enjoy digital learning with Click & Learn!