Our energy? That is 2,800 talents spread over 13 brands and 59 business units. Technical experts who want to make everyday life better, full of energy. They continue to grow and tackle the most challenging projects. The beating heart of VINCI Energies. Someone like you?

Our values



Each project is different. You often have to find creative solutions, without losing the focus on safety. You are supposed to respect the deadlines. So you always try to find the most efficient way of working.

Dimitri Monteur Hoogspanning at Omexom


Together with my team, I manage the maintenance contracts of 200 sites for 80 different customers. I have a lot of autonomy and I manage my team and portfolio as if it were my own small business.

Gregory Contract Manager at VINCI Facilities


Personal development is a priority at Axians. I get more and more responsibility and I love realizing complex projects with the team.

Julie Project Engineer at Axians


Every day is a new technical challenge. Sometimes I don’t know the answer immediately myself, but then I can rely on the knowledge of my colleagues.

Tony Service Engineer at Actemium


There are no such things as unachievable goals… we develop our projects together, we work as a team, we strive for perfection and we make sure we can take pride in all our achievements.

Oxana Design Engineer at Cegelec


VINCI Energies wants to be an inclusive employer, an environment where everyone feels good, where everyone gets equal opportunities, regardless of their gender, sex or culture. Everyone (she’s/them/he’s) has the right to be who they are and must be given the opportunity to reach their full potential. We see diversity as a strength and it is our base for sustainable business. That is why our vacancies are open to anyone who meets the competences described in the job description.


Junior Mechanical Engineer at Actemium

Today, there are many options and directions for engineers to choose from. I have been working at Actemium for two years now and still feel confident that I made the right choice. Actemium takes care of its employees and makes their development and growth a priority. Starting from day one, they make sure you feel at home. Even within Actemium there are many different paths for engineers to choose from. My job is to follow up projects from start to end. I’m also involved in engineering new installations and I develop tools in order to work more efficiently.  Variety guaranteed!

Calculator at ITB

As a recently graduated Industrial Engineer with an interest in economics, I find the best of both worlds as a Calculator at ITB. The fact that you follow a quotation from A to Z, from price negotiations to the effective acquisition of the project, gives great satisfaction. A logical consequence of this is that you learn every day and that you are always aware of the latest technologies. The support of colleagues who know an answer to everything makes it nice to work at ITB. Finally, it is with them that you spend most of your day.

Our expertise

VINCI Energies, that is 59 business units. In industry, infrastructure, services and telecommunications. Each with their own expertise and years of experience. From design to implementation. From installation to maintenance. Our employees are close to the customers and really understand their needs. That is only possible if you have the best people. Technical profiles and support services.