Boat lift Strépy-Thieu

Strépy, the tallest boat lift in the world until 2016

Support our clients with multi-technical expertise.

strepyThe famous boat lift, situated in the Hainaut province of Belgium, is a masterpiece. With a height difference of 73.15 meters between the upstream and downstream it was the tallest boat lift in the world until 2016. The structure consists of 2 independent counterweighted caissons which travel vertically between the upstream and downstream sections. Cegelec Infra Technics was involved in the construction at the end of 2000 and still takes care of the technical maintenance (electromechanical, automation, electricity, hydraulics). Since 2002 a sustainable relationship and real partnership with our client was established. The engineers of Cegelec think ahead to optimise the efficiency and reliability of the installation.

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