Talking the talk and walking the walk: VINCI Energies in Belgium launches third ‘Women in technology’-campaign and remains committed to female staffing

Specialist in digital transformation and energy transition recruited over 170 women in Belgium in recent years.

Brussels, 8 March 2023 – An active diversity and inclusiveness policy, with equal opportunities in the workplace for everyone regardless of gender, orientation, religion or origin: that is what VINCI Energies keeps going for in 2023. To highlight that sustained effort, as well as the extra focus on women, the digital transformation and energy transition specialist is launching a new edition of ‘Women in technology’, the third already.

More than 170: that’s how many new female colleagues VINCI Energies in Belgium has already welcomed in recent years, in traditionally mostly male sectors such as industrial automation, energy, transport and communication infrastructure, building technologies, fire protection and facility services. Impressive figures, proving that diversity and inclusion is not a gimmick for VINCI Energies, but a daily, sustained effort.

Women’s Day is of course a positive initiative, but one day a year is not enough: diversity and inclusiveness are a work of every day,” explains Marc Lemaire, managing director at VINCI Energies Belgium. “The essence is that all people get equal opportunities and the appreciation they deserve, regardless of gender, orientation, religion or origin. At VINCI Energies, this is logic itself, and we are proud of it: everyone should be able to be themselves, without fear of being viewed differently. We are committed to that every day – and it shows!”

Diverse initiatives for female staff

With the ‘Women in technology’ campaign, which has its third edition this year, VINCI Energies in Belgium wants to continue its efforts to increase diversity, and specifically more women in the workplace, in 2023. The campaign does this by breaking stereotypes, with various initiatives to highlight VINCI Energies’ female employees in Belgium: for example, by highlighting a female colleague every month on the group’s job portal and social media channels.

In addition, the company revised the wording of its vacancies to make them as inclusive as possible, and an initiative was taken to provide customised female workwear for the growing female workforce. To mark Women’s Day, a 24-hour webcast will also be organised within the VINCI group on 8 March, including info sessions on similar initiatives at VINCI worldwide, and panel discussions around gender equality and inclusiveness.

30% women by 2030

International Women’s Day is an important moment for the VINCI Group and its subsidiaries in the undeniable evolution towards a better gender balance within its staff. In light of the results already achieved, VINCI’s Executive Committee has decided to aim for 30% female managers and 30% women on management committees by 2030.

Accolades and awards

In recent years, VINCI Energies in Belgium has received several accolades and awards for its active diversity and inclusiveness policy. Among others, the X² Gender Equivalent Approved Enterprise quality certificate, the diversity label of the Brussels Capital Region, Veuve Clicquot’s Bold Champion Award for managing director Marc Lemaire, and congratulations from sector federation Agoria.