New sustainable building inspired by the VINCI Energies logo accommodates 400 employees

In Gosselies, right next to Charleroi airport, the new regional branch of VINCI Energies Belgium was brought into use. The site will be the Wallonian base of operations for several of the Group's brands. These brands also managed a large part of the technical installation works. The building, designed by ASSAR Architects and inspired by the VINCI Energies logo, currently houses 280 employees, but foresees growth possibilities for up to 400 employees. Adding the staff working on construction sites, more than 700 people will be linked to this branch. In addition to the building's capacity, the focus is also on the latest innovations in terms of renewable energy. The investment underlines VINCI Energies Belgium's growth ambitions and its belief in the region.

VINCI Energies Belgium opens a brand new regional branch in Gosselies

The new VINCI Energies Belgium building is located a stone’s throw away from the previous site in Gosselies where some of the Group’s brands were already operating. The investment is a logical step to facilitate the further expansion of the various departments and to stimulate cooperation possibilities, which VINCI Energies calls “twinning”. The regional employees of VINCI Facilities, Cegelec and Actemium will move to the new building, as well as the employees of the Nivelles branch.

VINCI Energies Belgium is proud of the final result. Marc Lemaire, Managing Director VINCI Energies Belgium explains: “This ambitious building project is a great new step in the development of our Group and will significantly increase our radius of action and visibility in the region thanks to the various activities carried out from here: projects all over Wallonia, but also in Brussels and even internationally. Every detail was considered in the design. As a result, everyone in our business units who will be working there will be able to do so in ideal circumstances. The icing on the cake is the shape of the building. Passengers arriving or departing from the neighbouring Brussels South Charleroi Airport will immediately notice that we operate here when they see the building through the airplane windows.”

“The presence of VINCI Energies will have several positive consequences in the region. Its research and development activities will make it an economic flagship for our region. The skills of VINCI and the companies in the sector will be crucial for the implementation of the recovery plan and the vast program of buildings energetical renovations planned for the next few years,” explains Thomas Dermine, Secretary of State for Recovery and Strategic Investments.

Sustainability and user comfort

On the 24,000 m2 site, a 6,000 m2 office building and 3,000 m2 warehouse, storeroom and labs will open. In addition, 15,000 m2 is reserved as green space. The focus on sustainability and renewable energy also extends into the building and its surroundings. For example, in addition to solar panels and heat pumps, 28 charging points have been installed for electric vehicles.

The comfort of the users has not been forgotten either. Several smart building systems have been integrated, allowing personalised management for each work zone. The ergonomics of the workstations, relaxation and concentration areas were designed by VINCI Facilities, the VINCI Energies brand that focuses on facility management and technical maintenance of buildings.

Evelien Menu, Space Planner – Interior Architect at VINCI Facilities: “Since we are also part of VINCI Energies Belgium, we know our colleagues’ wishes and needs through and through. We have therefore worked out a customised design. As a result, our colleagues can count on a new location which not only meets all technical, functional and sustainability requirements, but will also be an extremely pleasant place to work in.”

Benoît Gouverneur, Business Development Manager at Cegelec, adds: “If there is one thing to remember about this experience, it’s that it is above all a wonderful human adventure. We had to reconcile different needs, respect a budget and a schedule, and always keep our objectives of sustainability and quality in mind, just as we do for our customers. Therefore we are very proud to have brought all these criteria together in this exemplary building. Hats off to all the players and partners involved in the project!”


The involvement of the different brands or business units of VINCI Energies Belgium is the common thread in this building project. The design of the building was entrusted to ASSAR Architects and the structural works to BAM Galère, but the remainder of the project was carried out through internal cooperation or twinning. Calling on its own internal competences is a fundamental principle of VINCI Energies. Axians Audiovisual installed the audiovisual solutions, IZEN took care of the solar panels, Omexom arranged the electric charging stations and VINCI Facilities took care of the office layout and will be responsible for the maintenance of the technical installations.

“Last but not least Cegelec, the leading brand in the tertiary installations sector, has realised all the techniques in the building, from HVAC to plumbing, electricity and fire protection,” adds Fabrice Montesi, Managing Director of the Buildings Division. “We designed our installations in order to achieve the best possible balance between the building’s energy production and consumption. We definitely wanted to promote the use of renewable energy, to reduce the environmental impact of our own activities and thus do our bit.”

“This project underlines the multiplicity of expertise domains within our group. This cooperation, or ‘twinning’, between our divisions and departments proves time and again the strength of a multidisciplinary organisation and the efficiency with which we can bring such large, complex projects to a successful conclusion.”

Marc Lemaire Managing Director of VINCI Energies Belgium