Whatever the challenge your organization is facing, you have to count on reliable communications and electrical energy distribution.

AEG TranzCom @ VINCI Energies BelgiumSaving lives, ensuring smooth public transport,¬†producing glass or steel, reaching your team members quickly and efficiently… Whatever the challenge your organistion is facing, you have to count on reliable communications and electrical energy distribution.

Your needs, even very specific, should be fulfilled by tailor-made solutions facilitating your business processes, especially when dealing with critical situations.

This is exactly the challenge that TranzCom, as an integrator and developer of telecommunication and energy equipment, is willing to take. TranzCom has a large expertise and experience in these markets, which allows us to offer you a unique range of services, from engineering to development, production, installation and maintenance.


AEG TranzCom @ VINCI Energies BelgiumYour ability to communicate at all times is crucial for the reliability and the efficiency of your organization. TranzCom therefore provides state-of-the-art solutions allowing your team members to be operational in all circumstances.

Our specialists have the necessary technical know-how to meet your specific needs: from conception to integration of specific equipment or from development to production of tailor-made solutions. With TranzCom, you can rely on high-level competences in radio networks and terminals, on-board applications for bus, tram and metro (Tetra, DMR-technologies), dispatching and telephony solutions of passenger information displays, telecom solutions for safety and security services (fire brigade, police, …).
The telecommunications sector is constantly changing: off-the-shelf solutions are not always available. TranzCom, with its development team and its own production facility, develops and produces the specific solutions required by your organization.


Part of our daily mission consists in making sure that energy is always available throughout your organization. You therefore need reliable and robust systems ensuring efficient and continuous electrical power: traction substations and catenaries, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), low and medium voltage distribution boards, power regulators, industrial batteries or chargers,…

brabo-werkplaatsBased on your specific requirements, TranzCom, as integrator, develops and produces these high-quality equipment in its own workshop while integrating, if appropriate, solutions offered by our technological partners. In order to ensure continuous operation in the long-term, TranzCom also offers 24/7 maintenance services.

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