Specialist in photovoltaic and other renewable energy systems

IZEN is a rapidly growing service provider and installer of renewable energy systems in various product categories: photovoltaic energy systems, energy storage, management, maintenance, and monitoring, and heat pumps. The company delivers services and products to residential, commercial and industrial customers, primarily in Belgium and the Netherlands. IZEN is the market leader in Belgium and a top 5 player in the Netherlands.

IZEN has been building solar installations for 30 years. We achieve high customer satisfaction through efficient communication, fast processes, good products and proper implementation.

IZEN installs over 4000 solar installations, solar boilers and heat pumps annually for applications both at home and for businesses.

IZEN offers architects a fully developed concept for zero- and low-energy housing. By combining various techniques in the right way, we can achieve a house with an average energy bill of zero euro. We always examine together the possibilities to keep the energy consumption of the house as low as possible. In addition, with over 30 years of experience we can offer the best techniques.


In both Belgium and in the Netherlands, solar energy is chosen at the industrial level. Industrial buildings are covered with solar panels with a smart lightweight flat-roof system that reduces the electricity bill to a minimum. IZEN takes care of the entire implementation according to the wishes of the customer and/or consulting firm, from analysis and design through monitoring and performance guarantee.

Ground mounting

No roof, but a site that’s looking for a new allocation? Then ground mounting is the solution. We always look for the most advantageous technical solution, taking into account the site, the location and the wishes of the customer and/or consulting firm. Here too we take care of the procedure from A to Z, from analysis through performance guarantee.