In a world that is constantly changing, it is necessary to anticipate new technologies.

une journée avec Luc CLAEYS, technicien de maintenance HVAC dans l’entreprise Cegelec Building ServicesClimate change, energy efficiency, optimization of the installations, … In a world that is constantly changing, it is necessary to anticipate new technologies.

It is our strategy to create an innovation-friendly environment. As we are active in very competitive markets and the decision of our clients is often driven by price, we are constantly creative and innovative to offer our customers technical added value to increase the return on their investment.

As our greatest achievements can be attributed to our employees, we invest in career management to enrich their skills and to maintain their performance at the highest possible level.

We stimulate our employees to search for improvements and efficiency in their daily work and to develop their creative potential. Every 2 years the Group VINCI organizes the ‘VINCI Innovation Awards’ and thousands of projects are examined and almost 150 innovations rewarded across the world.

The competition covers not only technologies but also the full range of innovations that drive progress within the Group, notably in the fields of safety, sustainable development and working conditions. These innovations illustrate a mind-set that enables us to continue making progress in terms of quality, safety, deadlines and environmental responsibility.

Within the different business units of VINCI Energies Belgium we promote to actively participate in the VINCI Innovation Awards. In 2015 we had 12 participating projects.

Test Foam Car

Driven by a spirit of innovation and creativity, our engineering team of Cegelec Fire Solutions has designed a foam test unit based on its long experience. Our foam test unit is able to test foam proportioning equipment in an easy and reliable way, on-site.

Test Foam - Innovation @ VINCI Energies Belgium
Test Foam - Innovation @ VINCI Energies Belgium

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