We Convey – You Relax

For more than 70 years, Legendre has been integrating transport systems and line management into its customers’ production facilities. By ensuring the perfect integration of machines and conveyor systems, Legendre aims to achieve the best possible line operation, resulting in a high level of efficiency and higher production capacity.

From adaptations and upgrades to entirely new lines

What do you really need? Determining this is the first step of every project. The solution may simply be new conveyor belts. Or we may design a new layout for your existing machines, ensure optimal integration and line balance or develop controls in open source. Other times we provide all conveyor systems and new machines in a turnkey solution. We adapt our approach and solution to the situation. Our goal is a productive partnership with you (our customer), your engineers and the suppliers of your choice. We believe this is the only way to forge a long-lasting customer relationship.

The right solution for every aspect of your project

Do you produce beer, soft drinks, water, wine, dairy products, edible oil, food in cans or jars or lubricants? And do you supply these products in bottles, cans, jars, cylinders, barrels, boxes, containers or crates? Is your packaging made of glass, PET, PEHD, aluminium, cardboard, plastic, stretch wrap or a different material? Legendre is the right partner for your company!

We build completely new lines, adapt existing lines to new packaging and upgrade lines to ensure better line efficiency, whether close to home or on the other side of the world. Give us a call and together we’ll determine the best possible solution.

Discover the world of conveyors

We offer single flow and mass flow conveyors for bottles, cans, cylinders, jars, sprays, barrels and more. We also supply pressure and pressureless inliners, FIFO and LIFO accumulation tables, switches to several conveyors, etc. Thanks to smart controls, all of our products are suitable for varying speeds, from high to low. As far as secondary packaging is concerned, we offer conveyors for trays, stretch wrap packaging, crates and boxes that are transported to the palletiser via the packaging line. Our products include single lane conveyors, multilane conveyors, accumulation under low pressure, switches, mixers, lifting conveyors and stop conveyors, all with adaptable side guides for different product and packaging configurations.