VINCI Energies wants more diversity in the workplace

As of March 8, International Women's Day, VINCI Energies in Belgium will put fifteen female employees in the spotlight on all its channels for a whole year under the name 'Women in Technology'. During an interview, these women tell their personal stories about the technical jobs they pursue in a sector that is traditionally characterized by men. The goal of the company is to eliminate existing stereotypes.

On March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated, an annual event that draws worldwide attention to the equal position and representation of women in society. Also in technical professions and sectors, men are still more prominent and VINCI Energies wants to change that. “At VINCI Energies, we hold feminization and diversity in the workplace in high regard. We strive to attract as many women as possible and want to encourage other companies to do the same. Together we can eliminate stereotypes by no longer adhering to them,” says Eddy Vandersmissen, HR Director of VINCI Energies in Belgium.

From welder to engineer
That is why, for a whole year, starting from March 8, VINCI Energies in Belgium will proudly share the stories of fifteen female employees on various channels under the name ‘Women in Technology’. The women interviewed include engineers, welders, electro-mechanics, warehouse workers and project managers, professions that are still considered to be traditionally male. Yet the employees of VINCI Energies in Belgium demonstrate that these can perfectly be practiced by women as well.

Unique stories
Each story reflects the unique study and job choices, motivations and visions of the different women. Like Aseel, an Iraqi woman who followed her husband to Belgium and now has the opportunity to use her drawing skills by creating solar panel installation designs at IZEN, Sophie, who, as a Business Unit Manager, still manages to find a balance between her own professional ambitions and raising her children, or Eva, who studied orthopedagogy but is now happier than ever as an electro-mechanic responsible for the connection of low voltage cabling.

Social media
“By highlighting these 15 women, we also want to convince other women that they are more than welcome at our company for any type of job function,” points out Marc Lemaire, Managing Director at VINCI Energies in Belgium.

“We want to show that we encourage the equal representation of men and women and that we offer equal career opportunities for both.”

Therefore, all personal stories will be made publicly available on the company’s social media channels and job pages.

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