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04 OCT 2022

Smart solar energy for residents of social housing in Belgium

IZEN, the brand of VINCI Energies in Belgium that focuses on 100% smart energy, builds complete solar installations for 102 families in just 10 days for 'De Sociale Huisvestingsmaatschappij Denderstreek' in Lede and Haaltert. Energy costs take a huge bite out of every family's budget. Solar panels on social housing are very much needed.

03 OCT 2022

News Rebranding and opening of a new branch in Asse for Axians/TranzCom

TranzCom is currently recruiting +10 highly qualified profiles to achieve its ambitions

07 SEP 2022

News Ecological and economical: IZEN helps Belgian companies with sustainability and savings through industrial-scale solar energy

IZEN, the brand of VINCI Energies in Belgium that focuses on 100% smart energy, recently completed its third solar carport in Belgium. Together, the solar carports at UZ Brussel, Boortmalt and Westvlees total over 10,000 m² of solar panels, accounting for more than 2.5 million kWh in renewable energy.

08 MAR 2022

News VINCI Energies wants to recruit more women

Brussels, 8 March 2022 - After receiving several awards for its policies on diversity and inclusiveness, VINCI Energies in Belgium in 2022 will keep focusing on equal workplace opportunities. As such, the specialist in digital transformation and energy transition is launching the second edition of its 'Women in technology' campaign, to further increase the number of female employees.

23 DEC 2021

News VINCI Energies in Belgium welcomed 300 new employees in 2021

In 2021, VINCI Energies in Belgium hired 300 new employees. These new recruits, mainly in technical positions, will start working in their respective regions in one of the 20 branches of VINCI Energies in Belgium, substantially strengthening the regional representation. At the same time, the company demonstrates its focus on more gender equality in technical sectors with almost 20% of the new recruits being women. Under the banner of ‘Women in Technology’, the ambition is to further increase this figure significantly with the 300 still open positions.

29 SEP 2021

News Renewable energy and hydrogen: Combined they lay the foundation for the future energy supply of Europe

IZEN, the brand of VINCI Energies in Belgium that focuses on 100% smart energy, is teaming up with Solenco to facilitate total energy solutions in European buildings. Solar PV and hydrogen storage are natural allies to generate, store and use energy sustainably and free of CO2. IZEN and Solenco provide buildings with green energy in a smart and autonomous way all year round with solar panels and the Solenco PowerboxTM.

24 SEP 2021

News New sustainable building inspired by the VINCI Energies logo accommodates 400 employees

In Gosselies, right next to Charleroi airport, the new regional branch of VINCI Energies Belgium was brought into use. The site will be the Wallonian base of operations for several of the Group's brands. These brands also managed a large part of the technical installation works. The building, designed by ASSAR Architects and inspired by the VINCI Energies logo, currently houses 280 employees, but foresees growth possibilities for up to 400 employees. Adding the staff working on construction sites, more than 700 people will be linked to this branch. In addition to the building's capacity, the focus is also on the latest innovations in terms of renewable energy. The investment underlines VINCI Energies Belgium's growth ambitions and its belief in the region.