G+H Montage

Provide customers with innovative, tailor-made insulating solutions to cut operating costs.

koude_isolatieIndustrial insulation, both in heat or cold applications, plays an important role in energy efficiency and is thus cost-saving. It also reduces the CO2 emissions and therefore becomes a determining factor to tackle global warming and the protection of the environment.

G + H Montage is one of the main players on the Belgian market for industrial insulation, with an extensive knowledge in the field of thermal, acoustic and fire insulation, tracing and asbestos removal. G + H offers a wide range of innovative solutions and, with its 130 years of experience, is the ideal partner to provide high quality solutions. The skilled professionals, an extensive warehouse and modern machinery ensure high quality and flexibility.

Safety is just as quality a matter of course. The years of experience, the professional follow-up of the projects, the ISO 9001 standard and the VCA-Petrochemical certificate make G + H a reliable partner.

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