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How can you make your meetings more efficient? The answer is Audiovisual Integration

Important board meetings, wide-ranging management meetings, complex project meetings, quick consultations among colleagues… time after time, every sort of gathering seems to end up taking too long.

The question is how to restore efficiency. Of course, there is always the human aspect, but integrating the right audiovisual techniques and the right applications can certainly help. Just think about projectors, LED monitors, speakers, conference systems, management systems, videoconferencing, etc.

TELEVIC AV 9Axians Audiovisual advises on what is suitable and what is not suitable for meeting rooms. In addition to advice on simple and complex solutions, they also supply top-quality products as well as highly professional service and support, with something for every budget. There remains the question of how to integrate all this: cabled, wireless, BYOD, central equipment, etc. A team of experts helps the client seek a solution in line with his needs and the available budget.

A well prepared meeting room offers a comfortable setting, optimal ease of use and professional audiovisual techniques, all combined to achieve the right balance.

Information is the key to a successful and more efficient (working) environment

Information is becoming more and more important. To be able to function, it is crucial to have the right information, in the appropriate style, at the appropriate time and in the right place. Reception and waiting rooms play a vital role in providing information for visitors and employees alike. Using LED displays can enhance the reach and quality of the message. The audience’s attention is attracted by a mix of still and moving images.

Digital Signage is the perfect medium to communicate about products and services, to show visitors the way and to keep employees informed, etc. A Digital Signage system can be used to reach an audience on a centralised basis. What, where and when to communicate can be determined in a simple and intuitive manner.

When it has to be just that little bit more

Televic Audiovisual @ VINI Energies BelgiumThe client’s needs are central, so Axians Audiovisual always seeks the best possible solution. Not only is the greatest care taken with the integration of products into the surroundings, but a tailor-made solution for software and hardware development is always possible, too.

Despite taking every precaution, conducting tests and using proven and reliable first-class brands, however, the risk of a malfunction can never be ruled out. In these rare cases, the client can call on the Axians Audiovisual after-sales and maintenance service.

The maintenance team does its utmost to guarantee functionality as quickly as possible by means of:

  • Unlimited helpdesk support by telephone and e-mail
  • Remote takeover of systems for support and solutions
  • Locating and resolving disruptions
  • A smooth RMA policy
  • Repeated checks on the installations (maintenance contracts)

Axians Audiovisual offers a full range of maintenance services and Service Levels Agreements. The client decides on the service level and the services to be provided.

Televic Audiovisual @ VINI Energies Belgium
Televic Audiovisual @ VINI Energies Belgium
Televic Audiovisual @ VINI Energies Belgium

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