In 2018, Actemium launched four interactive ‘Virtual Reality’ training courses to improve safety in the workplace. And more are to follow shortly. All business units in the Netherlands and Belgium can use them. Here with the vision of the initiators Mark Cosijn and Dirk Wuyts.

Safety is and remains a top priority at Actemium. Mark Cosijn: ‘For years we have been using video and presentations to make staff aware of safety issues. But we wanted to go a step further: not just pass on information, but really teach new behaviour as well. With Virtual Reality (VR), that became possible, because it enables us to imitate realistic situations. What is more, thanks to VR we can make the training interactive and provide feedback immediately on incorrect or unsafe actions.’

Cooperation between business units

Mark goes on: ‘The development of the VR training courses is a great example of how the Actemium business units cooperate. When you work together, you achieve more. For example, because you can bring down the development costs. We have worked together towards one common goal: to improve the safety and awareness of our colleagues.’


The business units decided together which safety topics should be covered. The topics are as follows: electrical safety, measurement and control techniques, a mechanical scenario and a high-voltage scenario. In the first quarter of 2019, the business units will be able to get to work with these four VR training courses. Another three topics will be added later in 2019. These are: housekeeping, traffic and working at heights.


Dirk Wuyts: ‘It’s great to see how the VR training courses are catching on with the staff. The experience has far more impact than with instruction videos and presentations. In addition, we hear that staff who have followed a VR training course encourage their colleagues to follow suit. This alone shows you that awareness of safety is increasing. At the moment, we are looking into the possibilities of making the results of the VR training courses really measurable, too.’

Out in front

Mark: ‘Of course, ours is not the only company that is developing VR training courses. But I would go as far as to say that we are out in front. Most VR training courses do not go further than providing a 360° image of certain situations. We have added the interaction and direct feedback as soon as a staff member does something unsafe. That makes the learning effect and the impact of our training courses far greater. And yes, we are proud of that!’

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