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17 MAR 2020

News No job fairs? Meet us digitally!

We were really looking forward to meeting you at the job fairs, but unfortunately these were cancelled and the face-to-face conversations were postponed to a later date. Fortunately, we have the necessary digital tools to stay in touch with you.

19 FEB 2020

News VINCI Facilities’ technicians make service calls by electric cargo bike

The technicians of VINCI Facilities, the brand of VINCI Energies that focuses on Facility Management and Technical Maintenance in buildings, will make their service calls on electric cargo bikes from now on. The first bike has just been taken into commission in and around Antwerp. This environmentally friendly mode of transport as an alternative or complement to the conventional van is the solution to a plethora of mobility and parking problems. The initiative stems from one of the employees and reflects VINCI Energies’ commitment to green growth and development.

21 NOV 2019

News Actemium sets up traineeship process for refugees

Newcomers who speak a different language will learn our language and retrain so that they can work in industry? ‘First see and then believe’, thought Dirk Wuyts of Actemium when he first heard about the social organisation Steunpunt Tewerkstelling (STW - Employment support centre) via our Welt project two years ago. Since then, the STW has been a permanent partner for Actemium, the VINCI Energies brand that focuses on electricity and instrumentation, ICT, automation, mechanics and piping in industrial processes. As a production manager, Dirk Wuyts sees a great shortage of skilled electricians and is constantly on the lookout for new talent.

03 SEP 2019

News VINCI Energies acquires IZEN

VINCI Energies strengthens its position on the renewable energy market by acquiring the IZEN group. It is a major player in Belgium and the Netherlands, specialized in engineering and installation of solar and other renewable systems.

07 AUG 2019

News VINCI Energies steps up health & safety at work with virtual reality

VINCI Energies, through Actemium, its brand dedicated to industrial processes, offers its employees health & safety training courses with the aid of virtual reality. The realistic nature of the training courses means that workers are noticeably more aware of procedures and the hazards they may face on the job sites. The company offers a total of four VR modules, the very latest of which focuses on the risks that occur on the way to and from work.

28 JUN 2019

Events Virtual reality, supporting safety

Cegelec and Actemium have developed a safety-training programme using virtual reality. The efficient and effective system has been adapted and applied in a variety of business units within the VINCI Energies Group, and will soon be adapted among customers.