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05 MAR 2021
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VINCI Energies wants more diversity in the workplace

As of March 8, International Women's Day, VINCI Energies in Belgium will put fifteen female employees in the spotlight on all its channels for a whole year under the name 'Women in Technology'. During an interview, these women tell their personal stories about the technical jobs they pursue in a sector that is traditionally characterized by men. The goal of the company is to eliminate existing stereotypes.

23 FEB 2021

News VINCI Energies in Belgium obtains Agoria label ‘Employer ready for the future of work’

VINCI Energies in Belgium has received the 'Employer ready for the future of work' label from Agoria. The label, which is part of the technology federation's 'Be the change' charter, is the recognition of VINCI Energies' commitment to adapting its personnel policy to the challenges of tomorrow's labor market. In this way, VINCI Energies also proves that it has a clear plan and takes measures to guarantee its people a bright future on the one hand, but also to present a long-term vision to new employees on the other hand.

19 JAN 2021

News VINCI Energies Belgium acquires Legendre Conveyors

VINCI Energies Belgium has acquired Legendre Conveyors located in Groot-Bijgaarden. The family business, specialised in transport systems and line management, is now part of the Industry & Software Solutions division of VINCI Energies Belgium. With this acquisition, VINCI Energies Belgium strengthens both its position in the beverage market and its expertise in filling and packaging lines.

22 SEP 2020

News VINCI Energies Belgium organises first edition of VINCI Environment Day

On 22 September, all 2,750 VINCI Energies Belgium employees will participate in various initiatives surrounding the environmental ambitions of the VINCI Group. The goal of this day is twofold: on the one hand, the entire company will be engaged in three central sustainability themes. On the other hand it will stimulate the further development of VINCI Energies Belgium’s sustainability offer. One of the initiatives being rolled out is the VINCI Environment Awards, a company wide sustainable ideas competition.

03 SEP 2020

News Strong growth drives Cegelec Fire Solutions to relocate to larger location

Cegelec Fire Solutions moved to a brand-new location in Denderhoutem on the first of September. Due to a threefold increase in personnel, their current location became too small. The new, larger buildings were designed by colleagues from VINCI Facilities with a focus on sustainable entrepreneurship. Moreover, the location offers the necessary growth opportunities for the future.

15 MAY 2020

News Your office during and after COVID-19

How can we safely return to the workplace?

08 MAY 2020

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To prevent the spread of disease in these times