Municipality of Beersel

In collaboration with VINCI Facilities, the Municipality of Beersel preserves 7 municipal buildings with an energy performance contract.

The city of Beersel is investing €1.7M to make its cultural heritage more sustainable. One step includes signing an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) with VINCI Facilities and Sweco for a ten-year term. As a result, each year Beersel will save 25% on its energy consumption while reducing CO2 emissions by 412 tons, the equivalent of planting 20,000 indigenous trees.

An ESPC is not your “traditional” maintenance contract. It includes research, technical services and both technical and architectural upgrades that are essential for reaching pre-defined performance targets (especially energy-savings targets) on buildings covered by the contract. The project also includes the maintenance of all technical installations for 7 buildings owned by the City of Beersel, in particular, those with an impact on energy consumption. The issue here is maintenance that’s “performance-based”, in accordance with Dutch standard NEN2767. Said standard is based on “State scores” attributed to various installation features, as well as to the building itself.

To save energy, maintain comfort and upgrade installations to comply with the law, VINCI Facilities and Belgian engineering consultancy firm Sweco have proposed no less than 25 measures for implementation, concerning technical installations (HVAC, lighting), the use of renewable energy, the building’s outer shell, maintenance, settings and controls, even measures to raise awareness among occupants.
In addition to the research, design and implementation of measures executed in partnership with Sweco, VINCI Facilities will also ensure maintenance and required comfort levels of buildings covered by the contract. At stake? A 25% decrease in energy consumption, more efficient buildings and 10 years of lower maintenance costs.

VINCI Facilities’ promise, “Taking care of buildings, occupants and the environment” is perfectly aligned with this type of project. We are therefore very pleased that the Municipality of Beersel has entrusted this contract to us.

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