Jan Yperman hospital

VINCI Facilities renovates the HVAC installations of the Jan Yperman hospital

The motto of the Jan Yperman hospital “Your concern is our concern” fits perfectly with VINCI Facilities slogan “Taking Care of buildings, end users and environmental impacts”. The Jan Yperman hospital, a fusion of three regional hospitals achieved its objective and today it offers almost the entire range of modern medicine. They hold the quality accreditation of the Joint Commission International.

That is why we are proud to be able to say that they have been using our services for several years. They have entrusted their technical maintenance to our expert hands. By working closely with their technical department, we continually try to optimize their installations. That is how the energy consumption has managed to declined slightly, despite the start-up of several different new sections during the course of the last few years. The maintenance frequencies are evaluated together and adjusted annually where necessary.

Together with their technical department we form a strong team, and we attach great importance to the motto “Your concern is our concern”.


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