Cegelec Fire Solutions, the installation of a CAF foam system with automatic activation.

ChugokuCegelec Fire Solutions designed and installed the fire protection for the unloading bay, tank storage and related pumps from the new Chugoku Marine Paints plant, a Japanese company based in Heijningen (The Netherlands), which produces paint for maritime purposes.

Traditional foam systems require more water supply and given the limited amount of extinguishing water available on the site Chugoku chose for an innovative Compressed Air Foam (CAF) extinguishing system. Thanks to the special addition of air, it is possible to work with less water and still have an efficient extinguishing system.

From the installation room, the water, air and foam are mixed and pumped to the various zones. The compressed air is used to transport, as well as to foam, and so to increase the volume of the foam mixture tenfold.

The video shows the construction of the foam image, as well as how the truck is fully “packed” and the floor is well covered. This ensures ideal firefighting with a liquid fire.

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