VINCI Energies wants to recruit more women

VINCI Energies in Belgium launches second ‘Women in technology’ campaign

For many companies, International Women’s Day each year is the time to put their female employees in the spotlight and highlight their efforts as an organization to provide women with equal opportunities and recognition. However commendable, the ideal of course is to put those efforts into practice every single day, for women as well as other, non-binary gender identities. 

At VINCI Energies, this is well understood, as evidenced by the various awards the company has recently received: the X² Genderequivalent Approved Enterprise–quality certificate, the diversity label from the Brussels Capital Region, the Bold Champion Award from Veuve Clicquot for managing director Marc Lemaire and congratulations from sector federation Agoria for its good diversity policy.

Recruiting  more women
Through this year’s second edition of the ‘Women in technology’ campaign, VINCI Energies in Belgium wants to continue pushing for more diversity and specifically more women in the workplace. The campaign includes several initiatives to highlight female employees, and to attract more women in the traditionally rather male sectors in which it operates: industrial automation, energy, transport and communication infrastructure, building technologies, fire protection and facility services.

One such way in which the company is trying to break these stereotypes is by putting a female colleague in the spotlight every month on the group’s job portal. All participants in the ‘Women in technology’ campaigns are furthermore invited to a networking lunch, where a number of keynotes on body language will be organized. In addition, VINCI Energies in Belgium is reviewing the wording of its job openings too, to make them as inclusive as possible.

Last year, despite the corona crisis, we recruited more than 300 new forces, a fifth of them being women. A nice percentage, but one we want to further increase. We need to break existing gender stereotypes and clichés: technology is neutral, and so, everyone is welcome at VINCI Energies: woman, non-binary or man!”, explains Marc Lemaire, managing director at VINCI Energies Belgium.

VINCI Energies in Belgium welcomed 300 new employees in 2021

VINCI Energies in Belgium is active in industrial automation, energy, transport and communication infrastructure, building technology, fire protection and facility services through the brands Actemium, Axians, Cegelec, IZEN, Omexom and VINCI Facilities, as well as through various local brands. Despite the corona crisis, VINCI Energies was again able to recruit hundreds of new employees in Belgium, mainly technicians, project managers, project engineers and software developers. With the 300 new talents, both young graduates and people with experience, VINCI Energies Belgium now employs approximately 2,850 people.

Local embedding
The new employees are 50% French-speaking and 50% Dutch-speaking and will work in one of the 20 branches of the various VINCI Energies brands across the country. “Deploying people in their own region is part of a conscious strategy,” says Marc Lemaire, Managing Director of VINCI Energies in Belgium. “This allows our people to work close to home in a region with which they are familiar, both privately and professionally. Although we are a large group, we remain accessible and have a strong regional presence.”

Women in Technology
About a fifth of the new recruits are women. Under the banner of ‘Women in Technology’, there are several ongoing and planned initiatives to push this figure even higher. For instance, VINCI Energies in Belgium puts a female colleague in the spotlight every month on the group’s job portal. Sector federation Agoria also congratulated them for a good diversity policy and they entered into a partnership with X Kwadraat, which is committed to more gender equality at work. Moreover, Managing Director of VINCI Energies, Marc Lemaire, recently received the Bold Champion Award from Veuve Clicquot. A prize for a man whose concrete actions contribute to better representation and attention to women in society.

Marc Lemaire: “With this year’s new hires, we are perpetuating the group’s growth ambitions, which we are of course very pleased about. However, we never lose sight of our ambitions to make women more prominent in technical professions and sectors.”

Company knowledge and culture
VINCI Energies in Belgium has developed several initiatives and solutions to successfully integrate new employees. Although the ‘Welcome@VINCI Energies Day’ physically could not take place this year, new employees were already digitally introduced to their new colleagues from other departments, as well as to the upper management. In addition, they are given access to an onboarding app that helps them find their way around the company. Even before the first effective day at work, they are coached by more experienced colleagues, which contributes to the passing on of knowledge and the company culture.

Continued growth ambitions
In addition to the new recruitments, VINCI Energies in Belgium currently has about 300 open positions. Eddy Vandersmissen, HR Director of VINCI Energies in Belgium, comments: “In both the recruits and vacancies, we are mainly looking for profiles with a technical background, but we also regularly have open positions for support functions such as finance professionals, hr professionals, management assistants, etc. School leavers, people with a first experience as well as seasoned professionals are welcome. All vacancies can be viewed on the VINCI Energies in Belgium job platform.”

Renewable energy and hydrogen: Combined they lay the foundation for the future energy supply of Europe

There is a huge demand and need for green solutions to meet the climate objectives,” says Gie Verbunt, CEO of IZEN. “Balancing smart, renewable energy with powerful storage and sophisticated consumption is the obvious ambition. We are joining forces with Solenco to lay the foundations of Europe’s future energy supply.”

The combination of hydrogen storage and solar panels ensures that renewable and CO2-free energy is available all year long,” says Hugo Vandenborre, CEO of Solenco. “Together with IZEN, we are initially starting pilot projects in the Benelux. The focus is on residential clusters and the many targeted questions from project developers and corporate buildings.

The PowerboxTM: Heat and electricity
Solenco’s PowerboxTM produces hydrogen locally with power from solar panels and stores it. Via a reversible fuel cell, the PowerboxTM generates heat and electrical energy from the stored hydrogen whenever there is a demand.

Commercial model
IZEN commercialises the energy solutions of Solenco in the Benelux and becomes a one stop shop for total solutions for its customers. From private to large companies. Solenco focuses on the production of the system and the development of its technology.

The cooperation between IZEN and Solenco will in a first phase be supported by a convertible loan of VINCI Energies in Belgium to Solenco.  The loan is convertible on a three year term and is linked to a call option on 100% of the Solenco shares.

After the acquisition of IZEN a few years ago, we definitely want to continue to grow in our ‘Renewable Energies’ division. This cooperation is an example of that“, says Marc Lemaire, Managing Director of VINCI Energies Belgium.

Samenwerking Izen - Solenco

New sustainable building inspired by the VINCI Energies logo accommodates 400 employees

VINCI Energies Belgium opens a brand new regional branch in Gosselies

The new VINCI Energies Belgium building is located a stone’s throw away from the previous site in Gosselies where some of the Group’s brands were already operating. The investment is a logical step to facilitate the further expansion of the various departments and to stimulate cooperation possibilities, which VINCI Energies calls “twinning”. The regional employees of VINCI Facilities, Cegelec and Actemium will move to the new building, as well as the employees of the Nivelles branch.

VINCI Energies Belgium is proud of the final result. Marc Lemaire, Managing Director VINCI Energies Belgium explains: “This ambitious building project is a great new step in the development of our Group and will significantly increase our radius of action and visibility in the region thanks to the various activities carried out from here: projects all over Wallonia, but also in Brussels and even internationally. Every detail was considered in the design. As a result, everyone in our business units who will be working there will be able to do so in ideal circumstances. The icing on the cake is the shape of the building. Passengers arriving or departing from the neighbouring Brussels South Charleroi Airport will immediately notice that we operate here when they see the building through the airplane windows.”

“The presence of VINCI Energies will have several positive consequences in the region. Its research and development activities will make it an economic flagship for our region. The skills of VINCI and the companies in the sector will be crucial for the implementation of the recovery plan and the vast program of buildings energetical renovations planned for the next few years,” explains Thomas Dermine, Secretary of State for Recovery and Strategic Investments.

Sustainability and user comfort

On the 24,000 m2 site, a 6,000 m2 office building and 3,000 m2 warehouse, storeroom and labs will open. In addition, 15,000 m2 is reserved as green space. The focus on sustainability and renewable energy also extends into the building and its surroundings. For example, in addition to solar panels and heat pumps, 28 charging points have been installed for electric vehicles.

The comfort of the users has not been forgotten either. Several smart building systems have been integrated, allowing personalised management for each work zone. The ergonomics of the workstations, relaxation and concentration areas were designed by VINCI Facilities, the VINCI Energies brand that focuses on facility management and technical maintenance of buildings.

Evelien Menu, Space Planner – Interior Architect at VINCI Facilities: “Since we are also part of VINCI Energies Belgium, we know our colleagues’ wishes and needs through and through. We have therefore worked out a customised design. As a result, our colleagues can count on a new location which not only meets all technical, functional and sustainability requirements, but will also be an extremely pleasant place to work in.”

Benoît Gouverneur, Business Development Manager at Cegelec, adds: “If there is one thing to remember about this experience, it’s that it is above all a wonderful human adventure. We had to reconcile different needs, respect a budget and a schedule, and always keep our objectives of sustainability and quality in mind, just as we do for our customers. Therefore we are very proud to have brought all these criteria together in this exemplary building. Hats off to all the players and partners involved in the project!”



The involvement of the different brands or business units of VINCI Energies Belgium is the common thread in this building project. The design of the building was entrusted to ASSAR Architects and the structural works to BAM Galère, but the remainder of the project was carried out through internal cooperation or twinning. Calling on its own internal competences is a fundamental principle of VINCI Energies. Axians Audiovisual installed the audiovisual solutions, IZEN took care of the solar panels, Omexom arranged the electric charging stations and VINCI Facilities took care of the office layout and will be responsible for the maintenance of the technical installations.

“Last but not least Cegelec, the leading brand in the tertiary installations sector, has realised all the techniques in the building, from HVAC to plumbing, electricity and fire protection,” adds Fabrice Montesi, Managing Director of the Buildings Division. “We designed our installations in order to achieve the best possible balance between the building’s energy production and consumption. We definitely wanted to promote the use of renewable energy, to reduce the environmental impact of our own activities and thus do our bit.”

Marc Lemaire: “This project underlines the multiplicity of expertise domains within our group. This cooperation, or ‘twinning’, between our divisions and departments proves time and again the strength of a multidisciplinary organisation and the efficiency with which we can bring such large, complex projects to a successful conclusion.”

VINCI Energies in Belgium obtains Agoria label ‘Employer ready for the future of work’

The recent study ‘Shaping the future of work’ by technology federation Agoria, shows that by 2030 some 4.5 million employees will need to undergo further training in order to retain their jobs in the long term. Without measures, some 541,000 vacancies will remain unfilled by then. That is why Agoria created the ‘Be The Change’ charter, which is intended to provide companies with a handhold and prospects but also commitments for the coming years. Companies that subscribe to the charter and demonstrate that they can adapt their personnel policy to the challenges of tomorrow’s labor market are rewarded with the ‘Employer ready for the future of work’ label.


Bright future

VINCI Energies in Belgium made this commitment in 2020 and now receives the label. “The Agoria study shows that by 2030, not only many positions will disappear, but also new competencies will be needed to fill new positions,” says Marc Lemaire, Managing Director of VINCI Energies in Belgium. “This will also mean that many profiles will have to retrain or upskill themselves. For us, this is the core of our participation. With this label, we demonstrate that VINCI Energies has a plan and has taken actions to continue to offer our people a bright future through training, among other things and to be able to present new employees with a long-term vision.”


Raising awareness and diversity

In the ‘Be The Change’ charter, Agoria puts forward ten commitments of which the participating companies have to choose three in order to better align their HR policies with the labour market of the future. VINCI Energies, however, selected four of these and demonstrated over the past year that these commitments were effectively achieved.


“Two commitments are aimed at getting young people excited about technical professions and raising awareness about how they can contribute to the world of tomorrow together with us. Through company visits and internships, they discover the diversity of our activities and sectors. All too often, the idea prevails that technical professions are reserved for boys, but that’s not the case”, says Eddy Vandersmissen, HR Director at VINCI Energies in Belgium.



Training and development

The two other commitments focus on training and development. For VINCI Energies, it is not only important to attract qualified people, but also to develop and train its employees throughout their careers. “We do this by offering training programs and investing in continuing education. The latter also corresponds to one of our values: responsibility. Indeed, as an employer, we believe it is important to be co-responsible for the continued employability of our employees with whom we have made a commitment,” Eddy Vandersmissen said.



VINCI Energies extends this responsibility to its role as a major source of employment in the labor market. “We employ more than 2,700 people in Belgium and have more than 200 vacancies permanently. VINCI Energies is aware of its responsibility as an employer and wants to develop solutions by 2030 to guarantee the best possible employment in line with the needs of the evolving labor market. The commitments we have made in the context of the ‘Employer ready for the future of work’ label will continue to be of paramount importance in the future,” concludes Marc Lemaire.

VINCI Energies Belgium acquires Legendre Conveyors

The Legendre family has already been active in the conveying systems sector for seventy years. Today, the family business employs 28 people on its site in Groot-Bijgaarden and carries out projects in more than twenty countries. Legendre specialises in the development of new production lines and the adaptation or upgrading of existing production lines, mainly for the beverage industry. The company counts leading names in the beverage sector among its customers

With this acquisition, VINCI Energies Belgium confirms its strong position as an integrator in the dairy industry and now also expands its expertise in the brewing and soft drinks sector.

Legendre’s competences complement the activities of VINCI Energies Belgium in two areas. On the one hand, they allow for an expansion of the mechanical and machine range. On the other hand, the takeover strengthens the ‘end of line’ offer.

Marc Lemaire, Managing Director of VINCI Energies Belgium elaborates on this new step: “With our Actemium Business Units and the 2018 acquisition of AVT, which specialises in heavy load transport, mechanical engineering, robot and custom integration projects, we have developed a complete range for the automation of processes and packaging lines in recent years. With the acquisition of Legendre, we are taking further steps in the development of our logistics offering. The potential is huge. With VINCI Energies Belgium, we strongly believe in the cross-fertilisation between our different brands of which Legendre is now a part.”

Luc Clabout, Managing Director of the Industry & Software Solutions division of VINCI Energies Belgium, is similarly enthusiastic about this takeover: “The acquisition of Legendre fits in our strategy to offer the beverage industry a one-stop-shop range that combines our mechanical, electrical, automation and industrial IT skills with a thorough knowledge of production and business processes. Legendre’s motto: “We convey – you relax” reflects the same vision: a customer-oriented approach with extensive expertise in end-of-line.”

Perspectives for the future
Legendre Conveyors looks positively to the future. After the takeover by VINCI Energies Belgium, the company will continue to exist as an autonomous Business Unit and will retain its current site in Groot-Bijgaarden. Olivier Legendre, together with his brother Mathieu, will lead this new Business Unit within the Industry & Software Solutions division of VINCI Energies Belgium. Olivier Legendre: “Under the wings of a major player such as VINCI Energies, we are jointly writing a new chapter for our company with a long-standing tradition. The expertise we can demonstrate together will undoubtedly strengthen our position.”

“This acquisition aligns fully with our growth strategy,” adds Marc Lemaire. “We are always looking for synergies with our existing activities. This complementarity allows us to profile ourselves more than ever as a unique partner towards our customers, in this case mainly in the beverage industry”.

VINCI Energies Belgium organises first edition of VINCI Environment Day

The VINCI group, of which VINCI Energies Belgium is part has defined a clear ambition and strategy around environmental priorities. These will take center stage during the very first VINCI Environment Day on the 22 of September. On this day VINCI Energies Belgium’s 2,750 strong workforce, spread out over 60 business units and 15 brands, will be submerged in the group’s vision on durability through interactive sessions, workshops and keynotes. The day will also focus on the further development of sustainability and the ‘Green offering’ of VINCI Energies Belgium, a collection of sustainable solutions the group continues to develop.

 Marc Lemaire, Managing Director of VINCI Energies Belgium is enthusiastic about the organisation of this day: “By involving all VINCI Energies Belgium’s employees in the VINCI’s  sustainability ambitions, we ensure they play an important role in our climate transition. By detecting, stimulating and implementing initiatives of our employees, we ensure a future where our business operations remain relevant and above all, sustainable in the long term. The fact that we devote an entire day to this underlines our commitment and ambition in achieving the VINCI environmental priorities”.


Climate ambitions

During the VINCI Environment Day, all topics will be part of at least one of VINCI’s three climate ambitions. First, there is the attention on climate transition with the aims to reduce direct or indirect CO₂ emissions and the sustainability of infrastructure, cities and regions. The target is to achieve a 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and to become fully carbon neutral by 2050. The second ambition revolves around the circular economy with a focus on the analysis and reuse of waste. The aim is to maximise the use of recycled materials and reduce the consumption of raw materials. Finally, in the category of the environment, VINCI focuses on the protection of biodiversity and the quality of air, water and soil.

Bart Artois, Director Corporate Social Responsibilities & HSEQ of VINCI Energies Belgium: “With VINCI Energies Belgium, we already have a promising series of ongoing projects that fit these ambitions in our ‘Green offering’. Developing these ideas further will not only help our own sustainable development and carbon reduction, but also that of our partners and customers”.


VINCI Environment Awards

One of the initiatives that are being rolled out during the Environment Day is the kickoff of the VINCI Environment Awards. For this competition, VINCI calls upon all 220,000 employees worldwide to put forward ideas that contribute to the group’s sustainability objectives. After voting rounds by the employees themselves and deliberation by a specialised jury, the best ideas will be awarded a VINCI Environment Award in the course of 2021.



About VINCI Energies in Belgium

In a world undergoing constant change, VINCI Energies focuses on connections, performance, energy efficiency and data to fast-track the rollout of new technologies and support two major changes: the digital transformation and the energy transition. With their strong regional roots, agile and innovative, VINCI Energies’ business units boost the reliability, safety and efficiency of energy, transport and communication infrastructure, factories, buildings and information systems.

In Belgium, VINCI Energies is active in industrial automation, energy-, transport- and communication infrastructures, building techniques, fire protection and facility services through the brands Actemium, Axians, Cegelec, Omexom and VINCI Facilities, as well as through some local brands. The group employs 2.750 collaborators and represents an annual turnover of 580 million euros.



VINCI is a global player in concessions and contracting, employing more than 222,000 people in nearly 120 countries. We design, finance, build and operate infrastructure and facilities that help improve daily life and mobility for all. Because we believe in all-round performance, above and beyond economic and financial results, we are committed to operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. And because our projects are in the public interest, we consider that reaching out to all our stakeholders and engaging in dialogue with them is essential in the conduct of our business activities. VINCI’s goal is to create long-term value for its customers, shareholders, employees, and partners and for society at large.


Contact VINCI Energies Belgium

Bart Artois – +32 496 58 33 20                                                  Wendy Verheyden – +32 486 35 54 54                                       

Strong growth drives Cegelec Fire Solutions to relocate to larger location

In 2012 Cegelec Fire Solutions moved to the Industrielaan in Erembodegem. At that time the team of the fire protection experts still consisted of 20 people. In the past eight years the company experienced a significant growth and saw this figure almost triple to 57 employees. When considering a new location, the eye was drawn to the nearby business park in the Atomveldstraat in Denderhoutem, just five kilometres from the current office in Erembodegem. On the 1st of September, the almost 60-person team will move to the new location with the necessary space for further growth in the future.

Collaborating with colleagues

For the new location a collaboration was set up with colleagues from VINCI Facilities, the brand of VINCI Energies that focuses on Facility Management and technical maintenance of buildings. They were responsible for the design with a focus on creating spacious and bright offices. In addition, the sustainable aspect was also given due attention. Proof of this is the presence of charging poles for electric vehicles, extra acoustic and thermal insulation on the inside of the ceiling, LED lighting and presence detection to save energy.

Managing Director of Cegelec Fire Solutions, Patrick Merckx is delighted: “It will be a pleasure to work in the new offices. Due to our strong growth in recent years, the location in Erembodegem had unfortunately become too small. Only 5 kilometres away we found the perfect location for offices that amply meet our needs and on top of that leave room for future growth. Our employees are also satisfied, because their new workplace is located in a green environment and the commuting distance remains virtually unchanged. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with VINCI Facilities, we can be proud of the results”.

Specific requirements

It was a deliberate choice to involve VINCI Facilities in the design of this project. Marnix Dejonghe, Business Unit Manager at VINCI Facilities explains: “As we are both part of VINCI Energies Belgium, we know the wishes and needs of our colleagues at Cegelec Fire Solutions through and through. As a result, they can count on a new location that not only meets all technical and sustainability requirements, but has also become an extremely pleasant place to work. The building consists of very spacious rooms with a maximum of natural light. In addition, the spacious offices make it easy to respect all the current social distancing measures.”

Strong growth

The significant growth at Cegelec Fire Solutions is due in part to its focus on innovation and long-term thinking. Acting as a partner of industrial actors, Cegelec offers tailor-made advice regarding fire protection. The highlight in their range is the digital platform S.M.A.R.T. (Sprinkler Management and Remote Tracking), a sustainable monitoring platform that quickly and clearly communicates status updates of sprinkler installations. In addition, the VINCI Energies brand builds fire protection systems in various scales and application areas and has the required expertise in fire detection and extinguishing gases.

Your office during and after COVID-19

In the current situation, many questions arise from both employers and employees about their safety in the office. It is already clear that the measures we are taking will not be short-lived and probably not just once. VINCI Facilities can help you answer these questions.


How can we safely return to the workplace?

From many angels you are currently seeing documents popping up with advice on how to organize our offices after the corona lockdown. We at VINCI Facilities are also fully engaged in this exercise for our own buildings of the VINCI Energies group and our customers. And our buildings are just as diverse as our activities. This teaches us that these interventions are also tailor-made.

In one office plexi screens are the solution, in the other meeting rooms can be used as extra workplaces and in a third we can skim the workplaces and place them further apart.

Of course there are also many similarities. Such as the use of disinfectant gels, good circulation and good ventilation. From this experience we have developed the following step-by-step plan to help you return your people to the workplace safely in the short term.


  • A site survey by one of our experienced people.
  • Schedule a safe circulation and layout within your building, possibly with adapted space planning.
  • Determination of the maximum number of people in your building and per room.
  • Plan drawing of the protective equipment to be placed, advice and signage.
  • If desired, we can also deliver and place these materials at your location.

We also provide you with a document tailored to your company and building with guidelines for safe behavior, advice for adapting your facility services such as cleaning, etc. in the work environment. It also contains some nice tips that can make this period more pleasant.

3D simulation of a multifunctional room. This can be used for presentations, informal meetings, lunch, social events, etc.



What will our office look like in the future?

We have also learned a lot from this pandemic and the associated lockdown. For example, teleworking turns out to be quite smooth and we suddenly have much less trouble with letting go and trusting our employees. There is a different way of working, but also in leadership. After all, we see that our home offices are ideal for carrying out concentration and file work.

Remote meetings seem to be a lot more efficient and to the point and we all save a lot of time. Our traffic jam problem solved itself and our planet breathes again. On the other hand, we miss our colleagues, the social contact and the team feeling. We need each other for inspiration and perspective.

Our offices are evolving towards a meeting place, a co-working space, rather than our traditionally known office … Fewer individual offices, less standard offices in open space. But more brainstorming areas, informal consultation options, scrum areas, social areas and so on.

If you keep the option of one or more days working from home for your staff, you can use your square meters more efficiently. Your employees become more productive and receive a better work-life balance in exchange. And you as an employer do not need more surface area for this. You may even be able to reduce it.

Again, this should be tailored to your company, with your specific activity and profiles. At VINCI Facilities we always start from a thorough analysis of your current way of working, your vision of the future and the expectations you have of the redesign and mental change.

Contact us for an open conversation in which our Interior Architects explain our complete working method and are happy to show you our recent references:

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