VINCI Energies Belgium will be focusing during Safety Week on the role of the colleague

VINCI Energies is a pioneer in the area of safety in the workplace. Figures from Fedris, the Federal Agency for Occupational Risks, show that the number of accidents at work has been increasing consistently since 2015. The company wants to play a role in reducing this number and is once again organising its own worldwide Safety Week this year.

The focus during this Safety Week from 6 to 10 May will be on Look – Warn – Share. Marc Lemaire, CEO of VINCI Energies Belgium: “This year, we are focusing specifically on our colleagues and managers. They play an important role in preventing possible accidents at work when they see an employee perform an unsafe action on the work floor.”

Life Saving Rules

All employees will therefore be taking part in role plays that teach them how to act in such risky situations. In smaller groups, they will have to assess certain situations and determine how best to deal with them. “For this, we always follow our ‘Life Saving Rules’,” says Marc Lemaire. “The first rule is risk perception. Everybody must be able to assess a potentially dangerous situation. Second, day-to-day management and colleagues have a responsibility to prevent each other doing anything dangerous and third, we consistently coach our employees on the use of the necessary protective gear and appropriate work equipment. Then we also have working at heights, performing electrical work and finally safe lifting and mechanical actions.”

Safety video

The VINCI Energies ‘Life Saving Rules’ are also the leitmotif in a new safety video that was specially recorded for the Safety Week and will be shown to everyone. “The video shows various scenarios that actually take place on our sites, such as someone who wants to use a scaffolding, someone performing electrical work and someone wanting to load a heavy compressor into a van. Each time we see how a nearby employee assesses the situation, warns his colleague and from then on how the work is done in a safe way and with the proper protective equipment. In this way we want to inspire our people to work in an even safer way in the future,” explains Marc Lemaire.

Mental coaching, skid control course, workshops
Some departments at VINCI Energies Belgium, will be doing a little extra during the Safety Week. On Wednesday, the Business Unit Long Term Contracts of VINCI Facilities is inviting its employees to the circuit at Zolder for a skid control course. The employees of Industry & Fire Solutions will discover how the memory works, that mental performance is the key to success and quality in life and how they can maximise their focus to significantly increase work efficiency.

The people of the Industry & Software Solutions department will be following workshops throughout the week concerning Safety@home or on the road and wellbeing@work. Later, in June, the Infra department will organise a first aid course for around 350 employees.