VINCI Energies Belgium acquires ICORDA

VINCI Energies has acquired ICORDA on 23 January. ICORDA is an ICT integrator and a solid partner for high-quality solutions and services for ICT, business software and cloud solutions. The company, located in Mariakerke near Ghent, was founded in 1992 and employs 28 highly skilled staff.

ICORDA targets organisations that entrust the management of their ICT network infrastructure and business applications entirely or partly to an external partner. The company offers services in all sectors but has built up particular expertise in the sectors of industry, distribution and retail, professional services and non-profit organisations.

ICORDA manager Joris Van Maldeghem explains: “ICORDA is an ICT integrator and a solid partner for high-quality ICT solutions and services. We offer a total service range for ICT, business software and cloud solutions. We provide advice, consultancy, implementations, support and helpdesk services.”  Joris Van Maldeghem will ensure the management of ICORDA after the acquisition and will report to Luc Clabout, Managing Director of the Industry & Software Solutions division of VINCI Energies Belgium.

This acquisition will strengthen the position of Axians, the ICT brand of VINCI Energies, in Belgium”, says Marc Lemaire, Managing Director of VINCI Energies Belgium. “With Axians, we offer our customers a wide range of solutions for their ICT infrastructure. This includes software, hardware and customised services, covering a wide range of sectors for which we design specific solutions. It fits perfectly with the ICORDA range. Moreover, ICORDA is a partner of Microsoft, SAP, Citrix and Cisco, which complements Axians’ current activities.”

ICT lies at the heart of the digital transformation that our customers are going through. Thanks to the diversity in our service provision and the worldwide presence of our group, together with our customers we can develop a total vision as regards digitalisation. Not only is the ICORDA expertise a welcome addition to our existing ICT range in system engineering, business applications and business analytics, but the ICORDA SAP partnership extends our expertise in this field”, adds Luc Clabout.