Factory of the Future

Nuscience has successfully undergone various different transformations working towards the factory of the future and has deservedly won the ‘Factory of the Future Award’. We at Actemium are extremely proud to have been able to contribute towards this project. Congratulations to the Nuscience Group!

Factory Of The Future Award 2017 @ VINCI Energies BelgiumNuscience develops and produces premixes, concentrates and mineral feeds for above all young animals (pigs, poultry and cows), as well as additives for the animal feed industry. In 2015 a brand new ‘specialities’ factory was taken into use in Drongen, which excels in its reaction speed to market opportunities. Actemium acted as the co-creative partner for Nuscience in order to let this factory successfully take the step to digital transformation.

By linking ERP and MES (interfacing), at present 5,000 messages are sent back and forth each day in the factory. As a result, the ERP system is autonomously ‘learning’ to plan even better. In addition, every day the MES system exchanges 40,000 to 80,000 messages with the machine PLCs via an OPC connection while the logic is in the PLC. In the past few years, process times for orders have been reduced from 3 to 5 days, also by consciously investing in and scheduling a certain percentage of overcapacity. The ‘Factory of the Future Award’ was issued by the umbrella organisation Agoria.