Acquisition of Televic Audiovisual

Televic Audiovisual @ VINCI Energies BelgiumOn December 16th 2016, VINCI Energies Belgium has acquired the company Televic AV.

Televic AV is the market leading audiovisual integrator in Belgium and Luxembourg and is specialised in complex integration projects for large institutions.

Brussels, January 9th 2017 – Televic AV, with headquarters in Brussels and an additional office in Izegem, was part of the Televic Group, which was founded in 1946 and initially manufactured radio receivers. Over the following decades the company specialized in the production and delivery of audiovisual products and systems. In 2001, Televic Audiovisual NV was incorporated to bundle all the audiovisual integration activities.

Televic AV currently employs around 36 people and is market leader in Brussels, the city with the largest concentration of conference centers and large meeting rooms in the world. The company has a loyal client base, including a large number of national and international institutions, as well as large companies. 

“The acquisition of additional and complementary skills is part of our group’s growth strategy. VINCI Energies, one of the major market players in the industry, infrastructure and tertiary sector in Belgium, strengthens herewith its position in the ICT sector” says Marc Lemaire, Managing Director of VINCI Energies Belgium. The company will initially continue to operate under the Televic brand name, but will be gradually integrated in the network of Axians, VINCI Energies’ brand dedicated to ICT.

“This integration within the Axians network is an important step in the further development and future of Televic AV”, says Manu Gautot, CEO of Televic AV. “The expertise and knowledge of Televic AV perfectly fits in with the expertise currently offered by Axians, and thus strengthens Axians’ position within this segment”. Manu Gautot will stay on board and will ensure the management of Televic AV, which will continue to operate as a separate and autonomous company within the VINCI Energies Buildings division.

“Today, we are living in a mode that is ‘always-on’, with a continuous communication and exchange of information. Information and communication solutions are vital for most human and business activities. Axians and Televic AV, under VINCI Energies, can combine their strengths and talents to provide customized and valuable solutions”, explains Fabrice Montesi, General Manager of the division Buildings of VINCI Energies Belgium.

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